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tv   Weekends With Alex Witt  MSNBC  November 4, 2012 12:00pm-1:59pm EST

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sglsmts the minutes melt away in the race for the white house on the longest day. it's a blur of swing state stops. president obama campaigns from the northeast in a matter of hours. this is new hampshire. >> you know that i will fight for you and your families every single day as hard as i know as long as i have the privilege to be your president. >> challenger mitt romney in an all-out sprint as well from heart land to midwest to midatlantic. this is iowa. >> if you're tired of being tired, then i ask you to vote for real change and paul ryan and i are going to bring real change to america from day one. >> the scene is set for history from sea to shining sea. america votes in two days with two views from two candidates. on this november 4th of 2012.
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good day. welcome to "weekend with alex witt." all that plus four fresh battle ground polls and we're joining you live at 30 rockefeller center, headquarters for msnbc's campaign coverage from now until election day. and through results night tuesday. first, this day's headlines. with less than 40 hours to election day a flurry of activity already this sunday. president obama kicked off the day in new hampshire with former president bill clinton. >> so when you ask yourself the question, who is going to fight for me and bring about real change, you know that i know what real change looks like. because i fought for it alongside you. i've got the scars to prove it.
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i've got the gray hair to show for it. >> after wrap lg up in new hampshire, president obama heads to florida for an event with recording artist pitt bull. he ends his day in colorado with dave matthews. mitt romney kicked off this f d final sunday in iowa with a rally in des moines. >> the question of this election comes down to this. do you want four more years like the last four years or do you want real change? look, president obama promised change but he couldn't deliver it. i not only promised change, i have a record of achieving it. >> governor romney has events scheduled in pennsylvania and virginia, but before that, he heads to ohio. a new poll shows the race tied in pennsylvania. "the pittsburgh tribune" poll
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show them both at 47%. president obama is leading by five points in iowa 47% to 42%. governor romney is set to speak in cleveland in the next hour. chris jansing is there for us. good morning. >> good morning to you, alex. we'll hear a two-prong message and the same that we heard from barack obama. the first is vote. this is trench warfare in the closing hours of the campaign. both sides believe that this game is going to be won on the ground and they have been working hard. they have been picking up the phone, they have been going door to door. a different strategy for mitt romney on the ground. they have been spending a lot more time door to door than they have been making phone calls and the numbers have been impressive. a romney spokesman just told me that they have knocked on 440,000 doors this week alone in ohio for a total of 2.5 million.
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to put that in perspective, only about 5.5 million people even voted in the 2008 election. the second one is about the economy. and there's been a fight for mitt romney. this morning he said we haven't really heard from him before was about distribution of wealth. he said ron paul and i have promised you a bigger check from the government. we haven't promised to redistribute. he's in cleveland. not exactly republican-friendly territory because he wants to keep down the margin of victory for barack obama. >> is there any measurable difference in crowd enthusiasm for the president versus mr. romney? >> in the closing darks they say it would be a big mistake to look at the size of a crowd that comes out to a rally to judge enthusiasm. it's in the numbers. we heard from the secretary of state yesterday that there have
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been 1.6 million people who have already voted here. and i think it's really interested to point out that they are trying to get that enthusiasm going on the ground because 125 visits have been made to ohio in the last ten months by the candidates, their running mates or their spouses. one more point, there have been a lot of reports that ann romney was looking tired. she has ms. and the campaign just in the last few minutes is confirming that. they are going to scale back the number of her appearances in the closing hours of this campaign but she will hit two stops today. >> she's certainly proving to be a wonderful support to her husband. we wish her well and hope she stays healthy. thank you so much, chris. appreciate that. joining me off the campaign trail in florida is former new mexico governor bill richardson. nice to see you. thanks for joining us.
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>> nice to be with you, alex. >> we have a lot of ground to cover. lots of things going on in the world right now with the election just two days away. a very, very close race. first up, how confident are you in president obama's chances? >> well, i'm confident. in my view, alex, is that the western states of nevada and colorado with a huge hispanic vote and the support the president has from the hispanic community is a huge factor. in florida i can't predict. it's very close there. but it's up to the ground game. what i have seen, for instance, in florida the volunteers and campaigns of president obama four years ago it was mostly young people. this time it's more people, but young people, senior citizens, soccer moms, veterans, a larger turnout getting out that vote. and i think that's what's going to be decisive.
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>> you know what's interesting about the hispanic vote, there are 4 million more registered la kn tee knows. but i want to ask about your state. how do you think the president is going to perform in swing states like colorado and nevada? >> well, my view is that that hispanic vote, which is key in my state with 43%, it's key in nevada and colorado upwards of 20%, is going to come out in huge turnout because of the president's strong records are hispanics on job creation, health care, and immigration reform. and the perception that the romney campaign that the republicans have kind of written off hispanics. the harsh rhetoric against latinos on the dream act, on the immigration bill, in the primaries, i think it's going to be decisive. and what a president needs, a democratic needs to get
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reelected is 65% of the hispanic vote nationally and i think president obama is going to top that. and he's going to get close to 70%. and again, i believe that's going to be decisive. and it could be decisive in florida with a noncuban american latinos that trend republican but the central americans, that's who i was campaigning with in the last few days. >> i want to ask about something practical due to the gasoline shortage in new york and new jersey. you were energy secretary. what can the federal government be doing to alleviate this crisis? >> well, you know, we had a similar crisis before. and we created, for instance, in the northeast a gasoline and home heating oil reserve. hopefully that will be used.
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but again what it's going to be is fema, state agencies, working with the federal government. i think the way the president responded to the storm with governor christie in a bipartisan way, no politics has been decisive. and these voters are going to be upset they don't have gasoline. they deserve to be upset. >> for sure. >> i think there will be -- >> you bring up governor christie. he's taken a roth of heat for the way he's worked so closely with president obama. . you were a former administrator and a politician. what did you make of that scene? >> well, i was a governor and i had crises and disasters in my state. they were mostly fires, storms also. but when you get and need federal support and the federal government is the entity that can provide blankets and medicine and rebuilding homes
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and -- so you feel that you need them. and i think emotionally governor christie felt that president obama and the federal government were in there for him, were helping, and did a good job. i think governor christie deserves enormous credit for saying that. he could have just been very political. he wasn't. president obama wasn't political. i think his bipartisanship is what is going to be needed after the election that we saw in new jersey and we're seeing in the northeast and we should keep that out of politics. >> i want to ask about the attack on the consulate in benghazi. this story is no longer about mitt romney's response. how big a problem is this for the obama administration? >> well, what needs to happen is a thur row investigation. that's being done by very
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reputable people that have served in the foreign service. the issue has to be were those calls for additional personnel properly handled. and i think the state department needs to conduct a thorough investigation. what's bad about the benghazi issue is how it's been politicized. four americans were killed. let's get to the bottom of how it happened and not make it political. it was a security issue. al qaeda was involved. we have had a good, strong strategy against al qaeda. but again, let's not make it a presidential leadership issue the way some republicans have. let's make it into how we can have some lessons learned from what happened. >> has the administration been completely forthcoming? >> well, what his happening is they have an investigation going. and the investigation isn't finished. you can't just say we're going to finish before the election so
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voters can decide. i mean this takes a lot of investigating with the various agencies involved, with diplomatic security, with the central intelligence agency. the problem is that it could be that some of the names of the libyans that had been helping us, those names were released. that's not good. those are sources and methods that you try to keep very close to your vest and so there's been politicizization on both sides and it's wrong to keep it political. >> former governor bill richardson, always a pleasure. thank you. >> thank you, alex. states left powerless are facing complications on election day. to avoid the hassles, new jersey is letting residents vote by e-mail or fax. still some are showing up in person to vote early.
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ron allen is live in little ferry, new jersey. good sunday to you. how is the recovery effort there? are people going to be able to vote in that area? >> reporter: hopefully. the voting machines are here. this is a usual polling place. it's an elementary school. the question is where can they set this up because this took on a lot of water. so they have been working all day to try to create a place in the school to set up the voting machines. the school won't be open for the kids though. that's one problem. all across new jersey and new york and connecticut as well, county election officials are working to try to sort this out. they are tstill trying to make assessments so they know how many places can't be used or can be used. one issue is power. in some cases, military trucks will be arriving at the polling places. but the bottom line is they are making every effort to make votes accessible and the best is
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to vote by mail. you can do that between now and election day. >> less than 48 hours to straighten it out. the east coast needs to brace for a possible nor'easter. high winds, rain and even snow are expected in some parts. will the storm keep voters away? let's go live to dylan drier who is live with the forecast. >> this is just adding insult to injury with the cleanup people are still trying to get underway. this is only going to hinder efforts. the storm is not going to move in until wednesday and thursday. you see some of that rain that's moving into the da kkotasdakota. that's going to transform some energy to develop into another coastal storm that's going to make it up the eastern sea board. wer going to see scattered rain and snow showers across northern
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minnesota. some of the western great lakes regions will see e a little bit of light rain. but the storm itself, that one that's going to develop into a nor'easter will be bringing most of its rain down into florida and georgia and south carolina on tuesday. then as we go into wednesday and thursday, the storm makes its way up the coast and although this is not going to have anywhere near the impacts of sandy, this is still going to be a storm that produces 2 to 4 inches of rainfall. and not so much in new york city. we're not going to see the subway flooding we did with sandy, but the jersey shore, the beaches are small, there's not much protection left and we'll have to deal with coastal flooding again along the ko coastline. >> okay. thank you so -- so much dylan. >> what might move last-minute voters? and tom brokaw reveals his hope
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welcome back to "weekends with alex witt." live on this sunday two days before election day. here are some of the headlines this sunday. it's all about ohio.
12:20 pm
in florida "the tampa bay times", we're divide but optimist optimistic. "down to the wire" in pennsylvania. joining me is cnbc correspondents. we're going to go ladies first. one adviser said it's a tied football game and there's a loose ball. is that the talk of someone that's behind? if it's really tied, don't you claim to be ahead? >> if it is a tied game, team obama is closer to the ball. if you look back going back no 1992 democrats have had an electoral map advantage. whether they win or lose have
12:21 pm
gotten 245 electoral votes. we know people are already voting. but given that advantage they can pretty much. pick and choose all routes to the presidency. they have had many more routes than team romney. you have seen a shift. four weeks ago, they had that post debate bump and they were talking about momentum. they were talking about momentum being on their side and the obama campaign was taking on water. you hear privately from republicans they are already picking over the bones of this campaign figuring out how they go forward to 2016, who will be the standouts in 2016 and essentially guessing that romney will lose. >> it's been suggested that hurricane sandy blunted the momentum for the romney campaign. take a look at the poll from pennsylvania. what are you hearing there? does the romney camp have a chance in a state that democrats
12:22 pm
have won since 1992? >> i doubt it. the romney campaign is looking at a set of battleground states where president obama has had a stable lead. that doesn't mean it's impossible for romney to carry some or most of those states. we're talking about a close election. any time it's a dead heat, that means battleground states will be very close. but i think pennsylvania is a reach for them. they are trying to make something happen at the end. same is true of michigan and minnesota, which they are also talking about. and on that analogy, the question is do they hold it when they get hit on tuesday with the election day turn out which will likely favor mitt romney because the early vote goes strongly and we'll see what happens on election day. >> what about new hampshire and ohio. new hampshire is basically a flat-footed tie.
12:23 pm
what's your read on those? >> i think mitt romney would be surprised if you told him four months ago he could be tied in new hampshire. he announced his candidacy in new hampshire. it's close to home there. and the fact that he isn't ahead there i think is a surprise and certainly disappointing for his campaign. this has been consistent. i think you guys have a poll out. the nbc washington "wall street journal" poll shows him up by six. you saw romney scrambling to try to change the narrative around the auto bailout. you have the car companies with saying he hasn't been truthful. the fact is four years ago, the unemployment rate was 12%. it's around 7% now. so they are looking at an economy that has improved over the last four years. it's hard for romney's campaign to gain traction there in talking about the economy being
12:24 pm
so horrible because the reality there is that it has improved. >> john, every credible poll shows romney behind in ohio. do you see it plausible he takes that state? >> the plausible scenario for mitt romney in ohio and other battleground states that are very close like florida or virginia, colorado, that sort of thing, the intensity, the enthusiasm for romney, the zeal of his electle electoral rat, te is built around enthusiasm and what the likely voters screens produce. what we're seeing nationally in our poll today is a 48%/47% race. there's a bit of a mystery to that. it's part art and part science.
12:25 pm
a surge for change, which is the montra that romney's adopted in the closing days. >> don't you guys ever change, never. thanks so much. will the election be remembered for one key event that changed the tide? a new poll suggests that might be the case. "weekends with alex witt" live continues after this. [ mom ] 3 days into school break and they're already bored. hmm, we need a new game. ♪ that'll save the day. ♪ so will bounty select-a-size. it's the smaller powerful sheet. the only one with trap + lock technology. look! one select-a-size sheet of bounty is 50% more absorbent than a full size sheet of the leading ordinary brand. use less. with the small but powerful picker upper, bounty select-a-size.
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♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] some day, your life will flash before your eyes. ♪ make it worth watching. ♪ the new 2013 lexus ls. an entirely new pursuit. it is two days and counting. we're live in democracy plaza. we'll have a lot more on the campaigning and polling in just a moment. there's somebody who apparently want misjob and you can't have it until at least election day. but first, the aftermath of hurricane sandy, today janet napolitano will travel to meet with new jersey state officials.
12:29 pm
long lines continue at gas stations as the state enters his second day of rationing. richard lui is live for us. how about this rationing system? is it actually working? >> reporter: it is so far. good day to you. they haven't seen a rationing system in this since gerald ford in the 1970s. it's really simple. on an even day, even-numbered license plates can come and get gasoline. on norm people with odd number license plates, that's when you get gas. what is in question for some is what if you have a gas canister. this is what happened earlier today. >> call the cop. why are you shutting it off? >> you got to give me gas. >> reporter: that was a conflict earlier here. the gas station owners that wasst that's up to them whether they'd allow canisters to be filled.
12:30 pm
it's a tough choice. there's a million people right now that don't have electricity in the state. they use that gas to run that. the line here, about an hour and a half. three people who had odd-numbered license plates got kicked out by the police. back to you. >> okay. thank you very much. the final days on the trail, what both campaigns need to do to break the tie in the battleground states. strategy talk is next live from democracy plaza. seth carney works renaissance fairs and nightclubs. he hops from his bone shop cart selling bone skulls and other items. he hooks and gauges and sells through performance and mirroring potential customer m temperamen temperaments. [ male announcer ] do you have the legal protection you need?
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oh, hey alex.
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just picking up some, brochures, posters copies of my acceptance speech. great! it's always good to have a backup plan, in case i get hit by a meteor. wow, your hair looks great. didn't realize they did photoshop here. hey, good call on those mugs. can't let 'em see what you're drinking. you know, i'm glad we're both running a nice, clean race. no need to get nasty. here's your "honk if you had an affair with taylor" yard sign. looks good. [ male announcer ] fedex office. now save 50% on banners. welcome back to "weekends with alex witt" live from democracy plaza. just past the half hour. the final nbc news national poll is out and the race is tight. president obama has a slight lead at 48% to mitt romney's 47%, which is nearly unchanged from two weeks ago when the candidates were tide. joining me for the final
12:34 pm
strategy talk is chip saltsman and former governor howard dean. it's good to see you both. i see you could use a razor for the face. >> it's that time of the campaign where we all have our quirks. for me you don't change the last week. it's won me a couple of elections, so i'm staying with it. >> two days left, chip. if you were running the campaign, what do you tell mitt romney to do? >> well, i think he's going. to do exactly what he started off with. he's going to try to finish on a positive note. he's going to focus on jobs and the economy and talk about what this country is going to look like in four years after president romney. that's what all candidates are going to try to focus on the last couple days is finish on a high note and finish positive. >> governor dean, what's your thinking?
12:35 pm
>> he's going to finish positively and talk about the last four years which has been positive to the country relative to where he started. the fact that president clinton is by his side is incredibly helpful. >> so governor, the romney campaign contends that its election day enthusiasm was going to outweigh it. you're a former candidate. which is more important? >> the president is leading in all but two swing states. you never want to get too excited because you got a lot of hard work to do. but i think we're going to win this. we're going to win in ohio and iowa and wisconsin. i've always felt we were going to win in virginia. that's the one thing i worry about is the early voting disruption because of the storm. but i think we're in as good shape as we possibly can be. we have to make sure we run right through the finish line. >> speaking of sports analogy, one romney adviser said it's a
12:36 pm
tie game with a loose ball. if it's really tied, don't you claim to be ahead? >> what he's trying to do is make sure all the enthusiasm he can get with his troops to make sure they go out and vote. historically, especially in ohio, we have gotten beaten up in the early vote and won on election day. what we have seen with the turnout in ohio is president obama's votes down 150,000 from four years ago. governor romney's is up about 100,000. so i think they feel like they are right at the cusp of being able to win ohio and that could be the whole ball game. >> we have both candidates chris crossing this country until tuesday. they are trying to get the undecides. is it not all baked in at this point? >> at this point you're just trying to get a tiny number of undecides. you're trying to get your vote out to the polls.
12:37 pm
that's really in the critical states, when you see the list that people are visiting, those are the ones they can win. the polls like we're going to win florida, which would be extraordinary. not one i had on my list. i'd rather be where we are than where governor romney is, but we have a lot of work to do. anybody who take this is for granted is making a huge mistake. >> despite what you said earlier about not wanting to loosen up in terms of enthusiasm, you did say you think obama is going to win. >> it's going to be razor thin. and i agree with chip. it's going to be very close in ohio. i do think we're going to win there. it's going to be very close. the reason we win in new hampshire is they have had a crazy legislature there. and this is going to be anti-republican backlash. not because of anything governor romney has done but they are trying to get rid of the new hampshire house.
12:38 pm
so just these little things it's going to be very close. i think this is going to be a close election. despite that we're ahead in the swing states, governor romney is going to pick some of those up. just as a law of averages when you have two or three-point margins everywhere, you don't win all the states. >> do you worry about the electoral popular vote split? >> not really. we were heavily involved in the 2000 campaign when i was chairman and beat al gore in his home state. he won the popular vote. it's all about the electoral vote. >> okay. couple more days. thanks, guys. good to see you. in a close election like this, tuesday may turn into an historic day. president obama and mitt romney could be close to a tie and t
12:39 pm
late-breaking news could make the difference. joining me is historian douglas brinkley of rice university. good to have you. >> thanks for having me on, alex. >> let's talk about the new nbc poll which shows a positive for president obama. 68% approve of his handling of hurricane sandy. only 15% the other way. with your experience with hurricane katrina, will that go through tuesday? >> it looks like it will go through tuesday. it's a big boost for president obama. he got the opportunity once again to operate in a crisis mode and got very high thumbs up from everybody, including republican governor, conservative governor chris christie. i think mitt romney made a terrible mistake. many people in the republican party are beating up on christie for being too warm or something, too kind to president obama. i think mitt romney made a mistake of not acting more
12:40 pm
presidential. calling republican governors and mobilizing people to bring supplies in. and taking more -- be positive about president obama. americans aren't voting a political leader. they are looking for a leader. >> you wrote mitt romney ought to have said i'm 100% behind this president. we're americans right now. his leadership is important for the country. how would you sell that to his campaign advisers? >> the problem mitt romney has and this isn't about advisers anymore. it's about saving the jersey shore and staten island. it's about caring enough to transcend politics. saying in ohio and handing out cans of food in a kind of warped way that didn't attract anybody. and then running the false commercials about chrysler and general motors while san difs going on. in other words, i'm suggesting
12:41 pm
it was a misopportunity saying i care more about the american people. and that message would have gotten out. he came off seeming peevish and small instead of somebody we're imagining as president during the crisis. obviously the president has the resources and was going to garner more attention, but i think romney bungled that. >> you heard me asking chip and howard about the split between the electoral and popular vote. how has that played out in the past? >> we all lived through 2000 and how awful it was dangling and having to go to the supreme court. democrats never taking george bush seriously as a real president. it's not pretty, butt game from the start is the electoral college. it's not about popular vote. we can argue that's good or bad. when romney started running and obama started running, they knew the game was to get the math of
12:42 pm
the electoral college. right now the problem mitt romney is ohio. and i think if he had not written that op-ed piece let detroit go bankrupt, i think he would have been the next president of the united states. it's killed him in northern ohio and has become a firewall for the obama campaign. >> i spoke to some folks who say if president obama wins a second term, he immediately joins the league of great presidents. what's your take? >> he has an opportunity to be that because it's hard to do much in four years. but in obama's case, he ate up the oxygen of his first 18 months in office on obama care. affordable care act. if he loses, romney has said he's going to try to disassemble all that. so he loses president obama's main accomplishment. now he still has the killing of osama bin laden and two supreme court justices and one can make
12:43 pm
a list of things he can celebrate. but losing that big last piece of the progressive movement, which was trumpeted as his huge accomplishment, it won't bode well for president obama in history. >> douglas brinkley, always a pleasure. thank you. office politics is next with tom brokaw. "weekends with alex witt" live from democracy plaza continues right after this. ♪
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ask your doctor if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take viagra if you take nitrates for chest pain; it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. side effects include headache, flushing, upset stomach, and abnormal vision. to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help for an erection lasting more than four hours. stop taking viagra and call your doctor right away if you experience a sudden decrease or loss in vision or hearing. this is the age of taking action. viagra. talk to your doctor. welcome back to democracy plaza on this sunday before election day. in today's office politics, tom brokaw expresses his hopes for election night and gives advice for anxious americans waiting the results. >> here's what worries me. if one candidate or the other wins the popular vote but loses the electoral vote, then the other side will say it's an ill
12:47 pm
legit ma mat mpresidency. it has to be clear that one or the other got elected president. and the next morning both sides have to say we have to move forward together here. and we can't have these partisan bickerings going on all the time. democrats, republicans, libertarians, they say why can't we work together? we do it on main street. why can't they in washington? >> it seems those on capitol hill forget that we are all in this together and we are all americans and it is for the greater good. is that because of money? special interests, trying to hang on to job security? why is that? >> it's a combination of a lot of things. money has a lot to do with it. money is a mother's milk of politics. people who give money give it to advance their personal interests. it may be their economic
12:48 pm
interest, their cultural interest of some kind, now they have the instrumentation of the internet and blogging to enforce their points of view. so if a congressman or a senator strays a little bit, they can unleash a kind of jihad against them. now that drains whatever courage was left in that congressman or senator. and we're left with what we've got. the country is deeply divided philosophically, there's no question that. the tea party plays by the rules. they angry and they stayed on message. when i have people complain to me about them, i say if you want to be at the tea party, you have to kpla by the rules. you have to have more people who see it your way and take them on. but in the meantime, we're divided up into so many parts that were left in the hole and that's what troubles me. i worked in washington during
12:49 pm
watergate. that was a very divisive time. but when the sun went down, i knew republican senators and democrat senators got together to have a drink to say, what do we do if nixon is guilty? or how do we e draw this war to a close to retain national security interests and don't isolate southeast asia entirely? they were constantly thinking about working together. contrast that with an experience i had in washington. two young men came up to me in the capital and they were bright young guys. one said to me, i'm a republican, he's a democrat, he's my best friend, we go to georgetown and argue politics late at night. e we come back to work. he works for a republican, i work for a democrat. his boss won't talk to my boss, my boss won't to his boss. was it always like that? i said, no. >> do you get a sense of how long a night this will be?
12:50 pm
>> it's going to be long. i hope the machinery works. i hope that we don't have polling places that have to be shut down or that people can get to the polls wherever they need to. that's a big issue. you've got to be careful about the exit polls. we learned that in 2000. i can't remember how many times i called for either al gore or for governor bush at that point. i'm at a point i say to everyone, take a deep breath, if e we don't have a call by 2:00 in the morning, it's not going to alter the future of the country. we need to make sure that the system works, that everybody's vote got counted and at the end of the cycle, we know clearly who is the new president of the united states. and then we egoforward from there as a country. and we go forward together as best as we can. doesn't mean we give up our individual interests or our
12:51 pm
philosophies, but we have to find a way to keep us going in the same direction. that's the real definition of a political system. >> i want to thank tom brokaw for his time. it was such a pleasure talking to him. next week's guest, eugene robinson. he's going to break down the results for us. presidential elections from past to present. a new book takes a look at how nbc news covered the results from 1948 to now. >> at 7:19 a.m. eastern time, senator kennedy was elected president of the united states. >> and that is 1960. "weekends with alex witt" live from democracy plaza continues after this. i'm done! "are you a cool mom?" i'm gonna find out. [ female announcer ] swiffer wetjet's pads are better than ever. now they have the scrubbing power of mr. clean magic eraser
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12:55 pm
. welcome back to democracy plaza. "meet the press", it's coming up in one hour after this show here on msnbc. a new book looks at how television has covered the elections through the years. here's an example from morgan bay baity describes the election. >> the electronic brain is keeping ahead of the voting. pennsylvania, eisenhower is favored. governor stevenson needs 50% of the remaining vote to win. >> joining me e is steven batalio, the author of "election night." i'm so glad you're here. great excuse to play this old footage. it's so fascinating. >> the e-book that offers an
12:56 pm
enhanced version for the ipad or nook, there's over an hour of arkansas kooifl video of nbc election night coverage. we'll update it for 2012 in a couple weeks. >> that's exciting and worth the price right there. but other than technically speaking, what has changed in covering elections? >> it actually changed all that much in terms of the story telling. it's a tv show about getting up to 270 electoral votes. the characters change and the plots change. one thing you learn in the book is it gets faster. the tv in the 1952 clip that wasn't used to predict the results that night. it was a gimmick to sort of give it a futuristic feel. but computers became the way they counted votes as time went on. and by the 1970s and '80s, the
12:57 pm
results are coming in extremely fast. >> what are the events on election night that have been most affected by tv? >> well you have to look at 2000. the election where there was a lot of confusion on the ground in terms of what was going on in florida. the data coming in, they used one source to make their projections on the night and that data was bad and they were giving bad results. i don't think you'll see that again going forward. it used to be that networks rushed to call the election first because that was a claim to supremacy. it really drove them competitively. i don't think you'll see that, especially with this election because it is so tight. >> you're the author of this great e-book. you'll have more results on that
12:58 pm
after it's all said and done. thank you. in the next hour, a man who once made election history joins me. he's decided to endorse no one this time around. we'll ask him which way he's leaning though. plus a lawsuit in florida over voting issues already as "weekends with alex witt" continues. [ male announcer ] kids grow up in no time... marie callender's turkey breast with stuffing is a great reason to slow down. creamy mash potatoes, homestyle gravy and 320 calories. marie callender's. it's time to savor.
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1:01 pm
two days to go. america's big vote less than 48 hours away. president obama and mitt romney chris crossing the country to crucial swing states. but the most campaign stops today, ohio. the campaigns are betting on the buckeye state for a win on tuesday.
1:02 pm
we're live in midtown manhattan. day two at democracy plaza, headquarters to msnbc's election coverage. welcome to "weekends with alex witt." it's just past 1:00 p.m. here in the east. we begin this hour with some brand new polls including from four key battleground states. the final nbc news poll before the election shows president obama leading mitt romney nationally by one slim point, 48% to 47%. now the swing states. in new hampshire, a new university of new hampshire poll shows the race neck and neck with president obama and mitt romney both at 48%. in ohio, the new columbus dispatch poll shows president obama with a two-point edge, within the poll's margin of error. then in iowa, president obama leads a new des moines register poll by five points, 47% to 42%. mitt romney is e getting ready
1:03 pm
to rally a crowd in cleveland, ohio. he's scheduled to speak later on this hour. >> unless we change course, we may be looking at another recession. we're only two days away from a very different path. two days away from a new beginning. >> next up, he'll make stops in pennsylvania and virginia. president obama hopscotching to more battleground states starting in new hampshire with former president bill clinton. >> it's not a choice between two candidates or two parties, it's a choice between two different visions for america. between a return to the top down policies that crashed our economy and our economy built from the middle out and the bottom up. and creates a strong growing middle class. >> other big names will help president obama campaign today. music star pitt bull joins him
1:04 pm
in florida. and president obama will finish the day in colorado alongside musician dave matthews. we have two reports. on the swing state sweep and chris jansing in ohio covering the campaigns. >> reporter: these two candidates have been hitting it for a year now. everybody pretty much knows where they stand. they are talking to huge crowds, increasing crowds, a frenzy of campaigning in the next two days for both of these candidates with many of these battleground states still up in the air and everyone predicting a close election. the president last night wrapping up a marathon day of four campaign events close by in northern virginia. i was there. they must have had 13,000 there at a large amphitheater with clinton. clinton on the road again today in new hampshire.
1:05 pm
you heard a little what the president had to say in his first of many stops today. it's four stops. let's hear a little more from president obama. >> so when you ask yourself the question, who's going to fight for me and bring about real change, you know that i know what real change looks like. because i fought for it alongside you, i've got the scars to prove it, i've got the gray hair to show for it. >> reporter: so much of what we're seeing, you dent see anyone on the crowds on the fence about who they are voting for. it's the candidates trying to rally the base to get people out to increase turnout and maximize the turnout. let's talk about where the president is going today. he was in new hampshire. there are only four electoral votes there. hollywood, florida, you mentioned pitt bull. later today he wraps up in ah row ra, colorado.
1:06 pm
pe sleeps in wisconsin. then back to ohio and the president and the first lady wrap up their final event on monday before the election in des moines, iowa. they sleep overnight in chicago. >> okay. thank you so much. let's go now to cleveland where governor romney is set to speak there later this hour. chris jansing is also there awaiting it. what do you think mitt romney's final pitch is expected to be for the voters? >> reporter: you got a preview from mike. you could summarize mitt romney's closing message in a single word and it is vote. it may seem counterintuitive to come to cleveland, but he won this county last time, but this is a very important statistic i'm going to give you now. barack obama won thai hoe ga county by a larger number than he won the entire state.
1:07 pm
in other words, his margin of victory is here in the urban area of cleveland. he hopes he can take ohio. a lot of it is going to be that get-out-the-vote effort. a lot of the folks have already voted but they are asking them on election day to come out and help other people get out to vote. this weekend they have been going door to door intensively. they believe in this electronic age it's that human touch that can make the difference. they have knocked on 440,000 doors in ohio this week alone. >> remarkable numbers there. okay, chris jansing. keep an eye on things and we'll come back when things get underway. >> president obama and mitt romney will be racking up plenty of frequent flier miles. the president is traveling through three time zones on these four campaign appearances today. he will also be making stops in four states, but will log 1200
1:08 pm
miles. join i joining me on this day, political responsibility beth ryan heart and msnbc contributor jonathan kaypart. >> good afternoon. >> we'll talk about a lot of things. it's following this usc game i saw last night i'm giving the sports analogies. there are advisers from the romney camp who say they are making an equation this is like a football game when there's a loose ball here. is that what you say when you're coming from behind? when you think you're going to win, don't you put that out there? >> right. we've always known this is going to be a close election. but if you listen to both sides, president obama feels more confident than the romney campaign. that doesn't mean the romney campaign can't eke out a win, but if they felt more confident about their chances on tuesday, they would be shouting it from
1:09 pm
the rooftops. >> we know the election will come down to turnout on tuesday. what coalitions are each candidate focusing on? >> obama is counting on the coalition that elected him in 2008. he had strong turn out from communities you don't see strong turn out. young people, hispanics, african-americans, and also women. and he's as dependent as ever of, if not more, on those groups. romney, on the other hand, is getting more from white men and seniors. >> jonathan, by one estimate we have a third of the swing state voters that have already voted. how does that change what might happen on election night? >> the obama campaign has made early voting a key part of its election strategy. getting as many people out to
1:10 pm
vote, young people, particularly african-americans going to vote after church. so they are hoping that they banked enough early votes so that whatever votes mitt romney gets on tuesday, the obama campaign will have enough early votes banked that they can still win. so the early votes are very important, which is why you see obama campaign supporters urging people to get out to vote, but romney is doing the same. >> i remember michelle obama was telling college kids to register for absentee ballots. >> and at rallies, they had the application in you haven't registered to vote. >> beth, there's the a.p. report that florida democrats have filed a federal lawsuit asking for the early voting period to be extended. that ended yesterday after rick scott refused to extend. . does this have the potential to turn into another election battle like we saw in 2000 which
1:11 pm
means florida all over again? >> well, i think it depends on how close the race is on election night. if it is as close as we think it might be and it doesn't go obama's way on tuesday night, i think they will definitely see a lot of hack ls being raised by the democrats. the lines yesterday were as slong as five and six hours. and that's partly because they did cut back the number of days available for people to vote in person before election day. >> going from florida to ohio, might we have a similar problem with the provilgs votes if we don't wake up and know what's up? >> it's possible. but i'm in that camp that thinks, believes, hopes that all of the predictions about it being so close we'll go to bed tuesday night not knowing who the president is, i'm hoping that prediction is wrong. i'm in the camp that we will know by tuesday night. >> okay.
1:12 pm
beth, every credible poll has shown mitt romney behind in ohio. >> there's always the unknown of who shows up on election day and who doesn't. and polls are a snapshot in time, as you know. there's a certain chemistry and unpredictability unpredictability. romney has reason to feel confident about ohio, which could be the knife in the heart of romney's plan to win. >> how about pennsylvania? in terms of the confidence level, where is that going to go? >> i will repeat what joe skar burro has said for months. pennsylvania is fool's gold. it's a sign of weakness. they are trying to expand a map that's incredibly small. if governor romney wins
1:13 pm
pennsylvania, it will be a political earthquake and a shocker. but also we get the experience of seeing david axelrod, president obama's senior adenio adviser, shaving off his mustache. >> there's a lot of shaving going on. >> tomorrow. >> beth ryan heart, jonathan capehart, thanks so much. >> any endorsement could be crucial. can obama count on support from four years ago? we're live from democracy plaza, the election head quarters for msnbc's coverage for tuesday's historic vote. no, no, no, stop! humans -- one day, we're coming up
1:14 pm
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1:17 pm
welcome back to democracy plaza and rock feral plaza. the hub of the 2012 election for msnbc. this item from the federal elections commission as of today, there are 417 people running for president. of course, it's likely only a handful will be on your ballot. the list reveals that president obama filed his paperwork a week before mitt romney did in april of last year. more than 315 others filed before mr. obama and romney including 35 who filed before 2010. interesting stat there is. in 2008 my next guest was a strong supporter of president obama but now his support is waivering. he makes as much of an argument
1:18 pm
for mitt romney as he does for barack obama. former governor wilder, it's good to see you. i do have some questions for you. i have to say as i read it, it seemed like it was lacking on the op part, if you know what i mean. you write that the election is the most important of our lifetime, but you don't make a call for either candidate. so who will you support? >> i thought i did. i thought i laid out the issues. i thought i laid out why i thought people should be concerned with issues and how they should vote. >> you did. so from an editorial perspective, you did, but you didn't come off with a clear consensus of the person who were supporting. can you tell me who that it is? >> let me answer it this way. what would make you think that the vote that the cast in 2008
1:19 pm
wouldn't be cast this time because i have not been around the country. i have not campaigned. i haven't said things in 2012. but i have done everything that i was asked to do in 2012. so nothing has changed in terms of my activity. all i said was in the editorial piece you speak of that this is a very important election. people will be voting jobs and pocketbook issues. where i teach at the university, i start my class every year by s saying my one word definite nation for politics is "money." that's the occasion this time. i think the president has done a good job. i think the president is continuing to do a good job. i think the voters are going to be asked is this job good enough to say four more years? >> before the last phrase, you
1:20 pm
believe the president deserves reelection? can you answer that? >> my vote is my vote. what the people of america vote is their vote. they are entitled to make up their minds and their opinions. that's what i tried to do in 2008 to show that this change was necessary. barack obama was needed. i think the president has done a good job. i think the president is asking the american people, give me four more years to improve upon the job i have tried to do. >> i have thrown down the gauntlet. i find you absolutely confounding. because i have to ask you a few more questions. you write that the president ran as a moderate but some of his 2008 supporters now say he's governed left. >> i did not say that he was a moderate. >> it was written though that
1:21 pm
you had reported that from people that you had spoken to around the state of virginia. that's true, correct? >> yes, that's what i hear. >> is that your opinion? >> my opinion is that the president has tried to be the president for all of america. not right, not left, nor center. and that context, there are some people who believe he hasn't been right enough. some people feel he's not been left enough. i know how difficult it is to do that. that was a judgment that was cast upon me when i was governor of virginia. i tried to run it as i thought all people would judge my actions as being concerned for everybody. and i think the president is doing that. >> i know. i'm still trying to figure it out. how about the latest polls? i want your reaction to them. they are mixed in your home state of virginia. but they show a close, close
1:22 pm
race. in 2008 the president won by 6% of the vote. what do you expect to see this time? >> i think it's going to be a cliff hanger. there were so many people in virginia last time that were disgusted with the two wars and the souring of the economy beginning, the joblessness beginning, that they were saying we're going to give democrats a chance. i have long preached that virginia is not a red nor blue state. people are more independent minded than any observers would believe. so my poll that i go by is the one taken on election day. when i ran, they had me up by double-digit figures and i won by less than .1%. so i don't pay as much attention to polls, yet they are guidelines. my guideline is who gets out to vote, who is motivated? president obama needs to make
1:23 pm
sure that motivation exists. >> may i ask, did the obama campaign reach out to you at all or ask you to do anything specific? >> no, they haven't. >> surprisingly, indeed. what about in 2008? >> they called all the time. every time you could turn around, they did. guess who has called me on a regular basis and who i'm supporting, that's tim kain. we have chatted and talked on a regular basis. and my judgment, he is going to win the the senate race in virginia. it's going to be tight, but he's going to win it. and guess what, he's cross pollinated. he's had the danville newspaper, one of the most conservative papers in our state endorse him and romney. unheard of. that gives you some idea -- >> what happened from the obama
1:24 pm
campaign? why didn't they reach out to you? >> i don't know. i didn't ask anybody to call me nor am i looking for things to do. i'm fully occupied with what i do on a regular basis. >> you have a powerful voice there. we think so. so if the president had reached out to you, do you think he might have a better shot with virginia? >> i don't know that, but almost e cryptic. i couldn't have been more direct with you. when you asked e me, nobody from the obama campaign has called me to do a single thing. i know that might surprise you. but it's not that i'm looking for it. nobody. not a single person. >> well, it is an interesting development. and i thank you for clarifying as best you can. i have to tell you, you're
1:25 pm
pretty good because i'm still not quite sure who you are supporting. >> guess who is also very good, you are. >> thank you so much. i appreciate having you on. former governor from virginia douglas wilder. two newspaper endorsements are out today. president obama gaining the support "the pittsburgh post-gazette." "the new york dally news" backs mitt romney. now according to a tally kept by the university of california santa barbara, the president has won the support of 40 newspapers. mitt romney, 33. stay with us for more from democracy plaza. you're watching "weekends with alex witt." [ male announcer ] you like who you are...
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[ male announcer ] one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn. welcome back to democracy plaza, the heart of midtown manhattan, and the headquarters of msnbc's coverage of the 2012 election. right now, many new jersey residents are voting early despite being left powerless by hurricane sandy. the state is trying to avoid possible complications by letting those displaced by the phone vote by e-mail or fax. ron allen is live in little ferry, new jersey. let's check on the plan for those folks looking to vote. >> reporter: good morning. here's some voting machines. this is a regular polling place. this is an elementary school. it took on a lot of water so they are trying to figure out where to put the machines.
1:30 pm
the damage goes down the holloway here. this is not a place that's going to be open for school for kids, but they still think they can vote here. the problems across new jersey are many. some places are not accessible, so military trucks will be arriving with generators. the bottom line, they are trying to make it as easy as possible for everyone to vote. you pointed out e-mail and tax is available now as a way to vote. the county courthouses are open this weekend across new jersey so that people can come in and vote by hand. essentially expediting the process. but all this is a bit of a wild card. it's very confusing for waters out there. some who don't have power. a million people still don't have power so they can't find out information as to where to go. for a lot of people, there are a lot of higher priorities like getting gas or trying to find groceries. a large swath of the state is devastated there.
1:31 pm
so again the bottom line is that officials here are trying to make it as easy as possible for people to vote. they are trying to get information out there and hopefully they will be able to take advantage of it by tuesday. straight ahead, two new polls boost iing gary johnson's hopes of playing the spoiler roll. how will that play out on tuesday? you're watching "weekends with alex witt." [ male announcer ] do you have the legal protection you need? at legalzoom, we've created a better place to turn for your legal matters. maybe you want to incorporate a business you'd like to start. or protect your family with a will or living trust. legalzoom makes it easy with step-by-step help when completing your personalized document -- or you can even access an attorney to guide you along. with an "a" rating from the better business bureau legalzoom helps you get personalized and affordable legal protection. in most states, a legal plan attorney is available with every personalized document to answer any questions. get started at today. and now you're protected.
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starts with ground beef, unions, and peppers baked in a ketchup glaze with savory gravy and mashed russet potatoes. what makes stouffer's meatloaf best of all? that moment you enjoy it at home. stouffer's. let's fix dinner. you're looking live at democracy plaza. the broadcasting headquarters for for msnbc's coverage of the 2012 election. two days until the polls open. the campaigns are in overdrive to get every last vote they can. welcome back to "weekends with
1:35 pm
alex witt." new word from both sides, each campaign is projecting confidence in the crucial swing states. david plouffe says they will win both. >> governor romney wants to return us to the same policies that put us in the recession in the first place. do we build on the progress we have made and we have a lot more work to do. the president has an economic plan to grow the class. that's all governor romney is offeri offering. >> house majority leader eric cantor hit back saying romney projects more optimism than the president. >> the president is full of negativity and attacks. america is a much more optimistic place.
1:36 pm
people are aspirational. that's why we're going to win. and i think going to win big on tuesday night. >> a final national nbc news poll shows both men neck and neck with the president backed by 48% of likely voters and mr. romney by 47%. meanwhile, two new battleground polls find this already tight race might be even tighter thanks to third party candidates and most notably my next guest. joining me is gary johnson. welcome. i'm glad to have you as always. >> good to be on. thank you. >> before we get to the polls, we have "time" magazine out with a new article. who is gary johnson and why is the gop so mad at him? you cringe when you hear people talking about abortion or guy marriage. are you a spoiler on purpose? are you trying to chip away at mitt romney's votes? >> i chip away at both
1:37 pm
candidates. it's going to be a spoiler to being a player. i'm looking forward to 2016. i'm more liberal than opponent on civil liberties. and the war -- stop with the growing police state, balance the federal budget and eliminate income tax and corporate tax and replace it with a federal consumption tax. watch tens of millions of jobs be created on this country. >> you always say you're running to promote your ideas. but ideas are not going to be in the white house for the next four years. are you comfortable with the potential impact of your name on the ballot? >> i'm comfortable with the evolution of going from being an anoint yans, to being a spoiler to being a player. and i think that's the
1:38 pm
evolution. you can't jump from one to the next and recent polls have me at 6% in ohio. nobody is reporting that. >> i also want to talk about colorado. the poll gives you 4% of the vote there. and it's either 5% or 6%. but those are key states. they have been unindated with ads. who are the voters backing you? >> well, we've spent $2 million. they spent $2 billion. we'll see who gets the most bang for the buck when it comes to voters. if you want to take the bet, don't take the bet. i'm going to win that one hands down. >> how about the question about your base though? more fiscal conservatives turned off by the gop platform or the liberals worried about the budget? >> the people who care about the fact that most americans are fiscally conservative, they are socially accepting.
1:39 pm
the notion that i'm r more liberal than obama when it comes to civil liberties, i'm a lot more conservative with romney when it comes to dollars and cents. >> here's the bet i'm going to take. we'll see you back on the broadcast and stay active with your ideas, which we love to hear about. i want to thank you for your time on this busy weekend. now more on aftermath of hurricane sandy. only drivers with license plates ending in even numbers can buy gas today. the move will attempt to negate the long lines. richard lui is live for us in new jersey. let's get to the reaction to the rationing there. what's it like there in new jersey? >> reaction has been fairly positive, alex. the line is down to 20 cars. earlier, it was 56. she's also filling up because she has to go work this entire week. this is some of the reaction we
1:40 pm
have heard from folks who asked about the rationing system of evens and odds. >> i think it's a state of emergency. i think for the most part, the community is handling it well in the sebs that everyone is, you know, appearing to remain calm and do what they need to do in terms of just kind of looking out for each other. >> i remember going to a gas station and follow a truck to the gas station and go in with them and they know they had gas. we have done things like that. >> reporter: so he was thinking back to the 1970s. it hasn't been all positive. the owner of the gas station here in new jersey had one customer come in who had an odd plate and not supposed to be here. that customer said i have a gun, don't touch me. the police came in and had to settle that. back here, this is the way it's working in new jersey. in the northern part of new jersey, 25% of the stations are open. you go south section of new jersey, 95% of the stations are
1:41 pm
open. some folks are driving from the north to the south. back to you. >> one thing i like about the live shot, $3.85 a gallon. that's better than what we're getting in new york. another storm is brewing and heading right towards the east coast. be will the weather keep voters from the polls? dylan dreyer is here with the national forecast. how does tuesday look? >> tuesday looks fine for most of the country. it's wednesday night and thursday for this next storm that we are expecting to affect the mid-atlantic region once again. the storm is locate ed across t da dakotas. that's going to work up through this week. so for election day, it it will be partly cloudy in the northeast. showers through the western great lakes. sunny in the middle of the country. but it's down across the southeast where we will see some heavy rain from south carolina right down into florida. but then as we go into wednesday
1:42 pm
and thursday, this storm starts to make its way up the east coast. this is nothing compared to san sandy, however, new york city, we're looking for the jersey shore to get hit hard because there's not much beach or protection. we'll see more beach erosion, some coastal flooding and 2 to 4 inches of rain. inland areas in interior new england and west virginia, we could be seeing another several inches of snow also out of this event. >> don't like hearing it, but it's a reality. so we have to deal with it. thank you. up next, the day after the election, what's the challenge facing whomever wins? stay with us as we come to you live from democracy plaza in midtown manhattan, the home to msnbc's election headquarters. [ male announcer ] this is anna, her long day teaching the perfect swing begins with back pain and a choice.
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welcome back to democracy plaza here at rockefeller center, the headquarters for our coverage here at msnbc for the 2012 election. we'll get a snapshot of early voting, but is it a preview of things to come on tuesday? it's time for the big three and today's topic is the end game, the day after, and the must-reads. let's bring in contributor and democratic strategist jimmy willia williams, msnbc contributor robert trainum, and amy gardener. welcome to the three of you. robert, let's go to the end game. it's neck and neck in pennsylvania. it's a state you know very well. so jonathan capehart was on the set earlier and he called
1:47 pm
pennsylvania fool's gold for mitt romney. what do you think? >> the last time a republican won pennsylvania was back in 1988 when george h.w. bush won the state. 1 million more registered democrats than republicans. pennsylvania is even in play, who would have thought six months ago that the polls would be neck and neck. the fact that mitt romney is within striking distance, that speaks more to the president's vulnerablilitie vulnerabilities. if bill clinton is in the state, if they are spending more resources in pennsylvania, it tells me that the obama campaign has a lot to be worried about. >> what do you think jimmy? do you agree that the obama campaign should be worried right now? >> the obama camp should probably will not be worried.
1:48 pm
the exact same things were being said about four years ago. especially during the primaries. i just don't see -- listen. pennsylvania is a world of three different -- it's a state with three different countries in it. philly, pittsburgh, and then right down the middle of it. that's a conservative part of the state. no one expected obama to win it. . the question becomes is what's on the ends. so far, we are seeing his numbers hold up remarkably well there. so i don't think that it's going to be -- i agree with jonathan capehart, it's fool's gold. but we'll see what happens and i'm sticking with robert. probably not. >> i like that. overall, one romney adviser said it's a tied football game. there's a loose ball. is that the talk of someone who is behind? i have been asking people today, if it's tied, don't you claim to
1:49 pm
be ahead? >> if only i knew the answer. this is the question that we all watch the same polls nationally and in the battlegrounds, they are tight. you can be buffetted one way or the other of the spin on both sides. they make the case the early voting numbers look like the obama campaign has lost the margin it went into election day with four years ago. on the other hand, it shows obama is up by two to one margins. you can glean whatever you want out of the facts that we have, the data that we have. the larger issue and maybe the more pertinent question, what are the factors that are going to decide this. one is whether obama's base comes out and the huge registration and ground game he pushed this year results in an increase in his base turning out and the second question is whether the independents in the suburb and communities of the swing states will turn away from obama. those are the biggest factors
1:50 pm
that will decide this. all we can do is watch and wait. >> the day after, if the presidentre-election, don't republicans have to concede something on taxes so we can resolve the fiscal cliff that's looming? >> i think a serious conversation needs to happen to your point, alex, about the fiscal cliff. what do we do about the size of government? what do we do about revenue and what do we do about expenditures. if in fact president obama wins on tuesday night, which i don't think he will, there will have to be a serious conversation with harry reid, with nancy pelosi and the president, saying now that you've won the white house, let's have a serious conversation, let's see if we can gif a little bit. because the will of the people have spoken. >> how about an electoral split, will that make it more difficult to come to a resolution and avoid the fiscal cliff? will there be questions about legitimacy as if there back in 2000. >> if we do electoral versus popular. >> gotcha.
1:51 pm
i don't don't think that's the case, whoever the winner is going to be the next president of the united states. if obama wins, which i think he does, then my gut tells me he will come back to washington, he will bring the four leaders together, have a summit at camp david and say hey folks, we got to do something. if we don't american businesses are going to freak out, our foreign debt holders are going to freak out and the country is going to freak out and by the way, they all should. if mitt romney wins, my gut tells me that he will wait until we get closer towards inaugural to do something of the sort because obama will still be the sitting president. but when it comes to the splitting of the vote. whether it's -- i just don't find that it holds any credibility. if mitt romney wins the popular vote and barack obama wins 300 electoral votes, that's a landslide, isn't it? i don't know that that matters. we'll see what happens, though. >> i get a little angry thinking about congress potentially letting the country fall off the fiscal cliff. what do you think the country is
1:52 pm
going to be like after the election if the president is re-elected? >> a couple of things, first of all, i think my colleague and goldfarb talking about a story where the president has a couple of tricks up his sleeve using executive powers to give them more time to work this out that will help. i also think that the pressure cannot be overestimated. that both the president and the congress will be under to strike a deal. >> jimmy, robert, amy, you guys sit tight, must-read sunday with the big three, their picks next. they're about 10 times softer and may have surface pores where bacteria can grow and multiply. polident is specifically designed to clean dentures daily. its unique micro-clean formula kills 99.9% of odor causing bacteria and helps dissolve stains, cleaning in a better way than brushing with toothpaste. that's why i recommend using polident. [ male announcer ] polident. cleaner, fresher, brighter every day.
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back now to the big three for your must-reads. robert traynham, let's get to you, what's your must read this weekend? >> the "philadelphia inquirer," talking about how difficult mitt romney and barack obama are today than they were four years ago and how the political
1:56 pm
climate has become. >> how about amy in. >> i'm recommending a story by my horse, shannon mccaffrey of "the atlanta constitution." we were the only two women of a certain age who spent time on a newt gingrich campaigning bus. >> how about you, jimmy williams? what's your must-read? >> i think america should go back four years ago, and look at the papers and look at the headlines to let, let detroit go bankrupt. and where mitt romney said that the car industry could kiss its destiny good-bye. he was wrong then, he was wrong now and we'll see what happens on tuesday. >> that was a bold look back and something those sentiments have been echoed many times of those who oppose mitt romney. >> that's a wrap, everyone of this sunday edition of "weekends with alix whitt."
1:57 pm
followed next by "meet the press." have a great day and don't forget to vote on tuesday. [ man ] ring ring... progresso
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